518 James Street
Suite 110
Syracuse, New York 13203

Campus Mentor

Job Summary:

To take primary responsibility for the inclusive educational experience of an assigned student each semester at Syracuse University.

  • Willingness to work with persons with special needs at Syracuse University
  • Be an advocate for the student to promote an inclusive learning environment in academic and social settings
  • Exhibit strong communication skills
  • Exhibit an excellent work ethic
  • Be self motivated
  • Be a life long learner
  • Be a team member
  • Show versatility



An average of 20hours/week part time position with flexibility built in for classes, assignments, meetings and social events. A schedule will be determined and followed based upon the needs of the individual being supported. This schedule may change based on the individual’s needs. Additional hours may be scheduled periodically for training, community meetings and supervision. You are to notify your supervisor of any requested time off and are responsible to ensure coverage for the time taken off. It is up to you to work with any other supporters, the supervisor and others to ensure adequate coverage is maintained. The position is to submit a time sheet with any related mileage biweekly, maintain contact hours correctly and documentation for all days worked. Time off during college breaks. Year around position fall, spring and summer semesters.


You must be able to work independently, must be able to show good judgment and be able to make independent decisions as needed. Higher education in human service field strongly desired. Must minimally have a high school diploma or equivalent education with some college experience. Comparable life experience considered. Must possess a strong desire to support an individual with a disability in an inclusive educational setting at a university level. Must have a valid driver’s license, own transportation available and phone. You must have no restrictions in lifting, bending, standing or sitting and must be able to provide personal care assistance as needed. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.


Supervised by the Access Coordinator. Work with SU Liaison, College Mentors and college interns. Supervises no one.

Job Classification: This is an hourly non-exempt position.

Job Description/Responsibilities and Duties:

        1. Attend all training sessions.
        2. Meet with student before each class for a class prep session.
        3. Take primary responsibility for the inclusive educational experience of an assigned student each semester.
        4. Meet with the Coordinator no less than weekly to develop proper study adaptations or alternative teaching methods that meet class goals and assignments.
        5. Work with the Coordinator and student to develop an individualized educational plan for the student each semester.
        6. Regularly document the student’s progress toward identified goals.
        7. Review (and revise if necessary) the educational plan with the student and Coordinator at regular intervals throughout each semester.
        8. Support the student’s natural integration into all aspects of the class.
        9. Work with the Access Coordinator to set up proper support for the student with all homework, papers, assignments, research, study groups, studying, reading, exams etc. so that the student is able to maximize the learning in each class.
        10. Support the student to develop a positive relationship with their professor and class peers.
        11. Ensure that each class is meaningful and purposeful for the student, working to adapt and organize materials and learning experiences based upon that student’s personal learning style.
        12. Ensure notes are maintained in the student’s personal file at the Access Coordinator’s office, based upon the established educational plan, personal goals and course requirements.
        13. Work closely with any associated Interns so that they can bridge off from current relationships and interests while helping the student to broaden their social experiences.
        14. Support the student’s personal care needs (as necessary).
        15. Report any and all unusual occurrences or difficulties as soon as possible to the Access Coordinator.
        16. Work with the Coordinator to develop appropriate back up support with other CM’s during staff absences, so that the student does not miss out on classes or assignments.
        17. Supports the student in summer classes or with summer job placements.
        18. Assumes other duties as requested by the supervisor.